Speakers' Corner

Most London-based photographers (amateur or otherwise) head to Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park at some point. When I lived in the city I'd occasionally visit on a Sunday to listen to the various debates and take pictures of some of the more outlandish, outspoken characters. It's always fascinating, and quite useful in terms of practising photographing in crowds, given that no-one tends to bat an eyelid at anyone using a camera. The following slideshow is made up of pictures taken during the course of a few weekends six or seven years ago; they're not good enough for a separate gallery on this site but I wanted them to live on here in some shape or form, so a blog post seemed apt. If I was to go to Speakers' Corner again (and I may one day) I'd think about a project with just one camera and a 35mm lens for consistency, but I can't say I'm in any great rush to do so at the moment.